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Drying Tomatoes

Mum bought a food dehydrator (EziDri Snackmaker) the other week. A couple of days ago I picked up 3.5kg of tomatoes at a bargain basement price at the local fruit shop. I came home, quartered them and put them on dry. Mmm the house smelt like tomatoes and now we have about 400g of dried tomatoes! I love putting some tomatoes and cheese on a slice of bread and putting it under the griller for a very yummy snack.

I also finally bought my self a pasta maker the other night when a local(ish) kitchenware shop was having 20% off and I have had a ball making tagliatelle and linguine. It also tastes so yummy and even after I have dried the pasta for storage it still cooks in an instant which is fantastic. I will have to take a photo of it later. Tonight for tea we are going to have Mum’s Bolognese with my pasta.

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