The Graduate

Well, I now have a piece of paper that says I rock ok it says I can now add letters after my name if I wish and that I am permitted to tell people that I have a Bachelor of Arts in Asian and International Studies. There was a 11 of us graduating from that degree this year and 7 of us were at the ceremony which was nice. We were also the first cabs off the rank so I was the fifth person to walk across the stage πŸ˜€


awww, don’t I look pretty? Pity you can’t really see my rocking dress, so I guess I will have to take some photos of the dress so you can see how much it rocks. And look, I am wearing heels! I own one pair and have had them since 2000 πŸ™‚

Class of 06

Michelle, Martina, Lydie, Kate and myself. Some of the girls I have had classes with over the last two years

Jedi Knight

Helen as a Jedi Knight or perhaps I am really a Sith Lord? No. I think I prefer to think I am a Jedi Knight. When Matthew graduates and if he goes to his ceremony I will buy him a light saber so I can take a photo of him as a Jedi Knight.

I don’t think there is really much else to say about the ceremony. I rocked up, picked up my robes and was dressed by the uni staff, sat in a seat, walked across the stage, I doffed my trencher at the Chancellor, received a fake degree paper, walked off stage and was given my real degree paper, walked back to my seat and cheered and clapped for the other people we knew, walked out of the theatre and had photos taken, de-robed, picked up my free drink and went home.

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