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Pair of Galahs

This is a photo of Clare and I at the Mountain Goats at The Zoo last night. Oh wait wrong caption but we could be called a pair of Galahs I guess. Though this pair of Galahs are a male and female, like bird seed and spending their days flying about the Glasshouse Mountains so I probably quit whilst I am ahead.

The above photo is from earlier in the day when we went up to visit Grandad at the farm. Had a pretty quiet day at the farm, washed the car (much easier to do at the farm where there are no water restrictions like in Brisbane), picked beans, had lunch and had fun with my camera taking photos of a small selection of the birds who visit Grandad for his good looks and charming conversation (ok they like the bird bath and seed he leaves out, a girl has to have an imagination).

Once we had returned from the farm and I had had a short power nap it was into the valley to meet Clare to go to The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice (JV) show at The Zoo.

It was Clare’s first ‘Goats show so she didn’t really have anything to compare it to so I am pretty sure she had a good time. I on the other hand well there were parts of the show I enjoyed such as Peter Hughes passing a bottle of Jameson’s around the crowd or the encore of covers or JV joining the boys on stage after a couple of songs and staying there for the rest of the night and providing some cool harmonies. Overall though compared to the last two ‘Goats shows this seemed to missing the magic, the crowd was a lot more somber and there was a lot less singing along and dancing at this show.

The biggest bummer of the night though was that they had sold of shirts the night before in Sydney πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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