wave back :)

So apparently it is National (does that mean only in the USA? If so when is the Australian one?) scratch that, let us just call it International Delurking Week. I know some of the people who like to poke around here you know those people who possibly know more about you than you know about yourself (family and buds), yeah but back on track, just imagine, you can see me waving at you and saying hello.

What do you do?

  1. Say to yourself is she waving at me? must be that person behind me but I’ll wave back anyway.
  2. Wave back and say Hi Helen.
  3. Ignore the wave and go about your merry way.

What did you answer? Option 2 is the cool one but if you go the others, I will cope, after all I can only wave my hand so many times in one week πŸ™‚

Back to more content driven posting sometime soon.

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