Crocheted Bag

Erins' bag

Well to the right, you can see the completed bag, my first real functional piece of Crochet, done on a 3mm hook using Anchor Magicline Cotton, the pattern comes from Judith Swartz’s book Hip to Crochet. Mum is currently also making this bag again from Magicline but a different colourway and a 3.5mm hook.

This bag is going to the daughter of a family friend, well the main present are the dolls you see below (click on either picture to see them larger), which we purchased at the Salamanaca Markets and the bag is just serving as a tote for them. :):)

Now I just have to decide what my next project will be…..


6 Replies to “Crocheted Bag”

  1. I wish I was the daughter of your family friend!!! That bag is too cute and the dolls just charming.

    Is there a craft you can’t do chicky?????

  2. I CANNOT get over your talents. I’m not being dramatic . . . I’m just completely astounded at the stuff you whip up and hang on that tree. πŸ™‚ Helen, I would pay big bucks to buy something you made . . . have you thought of going into business, or would that just take the joy right out of it?

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