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I work at a grocery store filling the shelves, so I am used to people coming up and asking me where items are located in the store but some people are just plain RUDE.

Last night this lady came up to me just said “Baking Soda” nothing else, I knew that she wanted to know where it was but please where were the manners?

How hard is it to say “Excuse me, could you please tell me which aisle the baking soda is in?” How hard is that? I was talking to some of the other fillers about these sort of customers and we all agreed that it is the most annoying thing we get asked. However the thing that really kicks you, is that it isn’t the teens rampaging the shop before the movies but the middle age women, who I bet are always getting up people if they don’t say please and thank you.

Next time someone comes up to me and just says “Baking Soda” or “Tomato Sauce” I am so tempted to just say “What did you want to know about __________” or “What exaclty is your question?”

I am there not only to fill the shelves but to help the customers, you learn to ignore the rude ones and cherish the nice ones but sometimes the rude ones just annoy you too much.

And in other news Chatterbox is starting an Australia and New Zealand DT – see details here. I currently plan on entering it as I know I have it, the question is can I bring it? or can I bring them what they want.

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  1. i know what you mean with the rude ones, work in retail too and boy, you could just snot the rude ones. who do they think they are anyway – don’t get me started girl!!!!! so happy you are trying out for the DT – will have my fingers crossed all the way for you girlie.

  2. Just as food for thought, they might have english as a first language. I’ve often ended up saying things like that because I don’t know how to say anything else. (Though I’ve normally stumbled over a few other words first)

    Just a thought πŸ™‚ — Karl

  3. 80% chatterbox products in your application? seems like a bit of a one horse shop. Are they trying to be reputable creative publications? or just thinly veiled advertising for their own products?

  4. I can’t stand rude people…perhaps next time you could give them a definition or correct spelling πŸ™‚

    Good luck to you on the Chatterbox thing! It’s about time they expanded a bit!

  5. OMG Helen…do not get me started on rude people. People walk up to yopu in the Library and just thrust their library card under your nose, don’t say a word. Now I’m supposed to know they want to use the internet…how about “Hi, could I use the internet please” Works for me. Now I just stand there and look at them…force them to speak. Pathetic moral victory, hey!

    And just for the record, I have travelled to many places where I didn’t know the language and as much as I butchered my questions I always tried to tack a please or thank you (in the local language) onto the end, and a big smile LOL

  6. Rude people suck. Using manners never killed anybody and it requires so little effort… it’s one of my BIGGEST pet-hates… I’ve worked in retail ever since my first job and you DO get some absolutely lovely and friendly people… and no matter HOW hard you try to remember that some people out there ARE lovely – it’s mainly the rude pigs that stick in your mind… I work at the Rocklea markets on both Saturdays and Sundays – and with Saturdays just being a Fresh Food market with flowers, plants, fruit, vegies and lots of yummy foods – I’ve found that it attracts a much “classier”, more polite bunch than the Sunday “flea-markets” that seems to mainly attract the rude, ill-mannered bogans… Sorry – I don’t mean to offend anybody – and I guess I’m stereo-typing to some extent… but there IS a BIG difference between the people on different days… especially manners-wise!!!

    OMG – I’ve prattled so much about that and I only really meant to post to say DAMN STRAIGHT YOU’VE GOT IT, Helen!!! Get your butt into gear and make sure you apply for that CBX DT!!!!! You’d be a nutter not to!!!!

    Take care!
    Ali πŸ™‚

  7. I hear you on rude people. I’m all about manners! Say please, ask nicely, it gets you a lot further than rudeness! I was a waitress and I was always happier to help the nice people.

    You can totally get Chatterbox! I’ll root you on, I want to see you win this!

  8. Hehe I know just what you mean – I used to work on a sandwich counter in the mall, and I actually got a cup of juice thrown at me once, for something stupid like not having enough in my register to change a £20 note.

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