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We are now half-way through our mid-semester break and so many things have happened in the last couple of days.

Visited two new scrapbooking shops near me, one of them even had FontWerks!! and the other wants me to teach!! I have no idea what to do there. What to teach etc. What do you want?

Now, I haven’t been scrap shopping much since coming home from Iceland. Maybe once or twice when there was a sale but not really shopping.
Here are some of the cute papers I picked up at shop that asked me to teach.

new papers
From left to right, the papers are: MM, Junkitz, Deja Views, Junkitz, Art Warehouse, Lil Davis, MM, Junkitz, MM, 7G and Sassafrass Lass.

Picked up at the other store some paper from Two Busy Mums and Mara-Mi πŸ™‚

Went to see Kaliope yesterday for a haircut/trim/repairing the dodgey job that was done in London. My layers are so much softer now and there is less weight in my hair now. Then she ironed it, wow! I mean I have a straightner/crimper thing that I got when I was young, it fixes the ends in a pinch but would not work/take too long to do the whole head. Wow, my hair is all straight and light, it feels really weird sort of like half of my hair is missing. Will take a photo later, it is so different.

Why is that hair-dressers always chide you when you put your hair behind your ears? It always cracks me up, any hair-dresser I have gone to, always chides me when I tuck my hair behind my ears as soon as the cut is done. Lol, can’t stand hair falling in my face.

Back to scrapping, have done 2 layouts and half way through another one, just playing and haveing fun. Had the rest of my Iceland photos printed off yesterday for the book I am working on, sort of more a portfolio than a scrap book. One matted photo per page with the shooting details and notes about the shot. Simple yet very classy πŸ™‚

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  1. Ooooooh, yummo Helen!!! LOVE those papers!!! And can’t wait to see your “new” hair!!! LOL@ the hairdresser… I mean – isn’t that the *OTHER* main purpose for ears??? hehe

    LOVE the sound of your “portfolio” too… i spent ages going through your photos the other day and they are just phenomenal… I especially, really, fully, totally loved your extreme close-up of the clover… WOW

    Anyway – I’ve prattled enough! Enjoy the rest of your break!
    Ali πŸ™‚

  2. loving those papers girl – can’t wait to get my hands on the MM range. right up my alley!!!! you must show us what you do with them. teaching mmmmmmm, it’s so hard to know what to teach these days. things i think they might like is not necessarily the case. would love to sit in on one of your classes though….what a hoot. good luck with it all – post photo of the new do..

  3. Those papers are gorgeous Helen! Love ’em all lined up like that πŸ˜€ Congratulations on the teaching gig! I’ve thought about it but I would really have no idea what I could possibly teach anyone, lol. (and I also ALWAYS tuck my hair behind my ears πŸ˜‰

  4. Congrats on the teaching job!

    For your photos have you thought about a photo book? You can have it printed edge to edge, or smaller and have the photo details printed under or over the photo. Then it’ a bound hardcover book. I want to do one just for my favorite pix that aren’t really anything but my children, no event, because it looks weird scrapping photos with no title or whatever. LOL Plus, shooting in the thousands makes it hard to keep up with your scrapping. LOL

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