last day of the teens

Tomorrow marks the day that I get bumped up into the 20something age bracket, no longer will I be a teenager.

In my own celebration in a couple of hours I am heading off the The Zoo to see The Mountain Goats and The Zebra’s. Going to be an interesting night out, going to a concert by myself, I have been to more classical concerts in concert halls by myself before but not a dark, night concert. That is what growing up is all about πŸ™‚

Not much planned for tomorrow, got a lot of readings to be done but we are having chocolate mousse for dessert and going out for tea on Monday night.

9 Replies to “last day of the teens”

  1. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend! I hope you do some serious damange in your 20’s. My advice: Do whatever you want as much as you want as long as you remain true to yourself. Being your fabulous self, that shouldn’t be too hard. ;o) Love you lots!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Helen!! I hope your bday is fabulous. You are such a kind and giving person … I hope someone is spoiling you rotten on your bday! -Shelley πŸ™‚

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