a whole collection of random stuff

1. I have been looking at subjects for next year and by doing 5 subjects in first semester instead of the usual 4 and 4 in second semester I will grab myself a double major – . Which, hopefully will increase my job prospects. Yeah!

8. A couple of weeks ago on NSBR there was a thread on Jung-Myers-Briggs Personality types. I found the thread long after it died but I was still intrigued. I did the test and found out that I was . Whilst getting books from the library for my last essay I picked up by David Keirsey and did more reading than what I had already done on the web. Things started to make more sense, I was able to understand some of the ways I did things and why I always think why can’t other people see this or think this way. Percentage of INTJ in the population? 2% of men, 1% of women.

16. I got a , it is no Bentley but it does what it was designed to. Now I can dance along with to crazy songs from the 80’s.

5. Chick Flicks or dodgy teen flicks, I have quite a weakness for. Ever since seeing 10 Things I Hate About You (for which Matthew and I have seen oh at least 20 times), I have thought that Julia Stiles is pretty rocking, so whilst creating about today I watched The Prince and Me, also picked up a Kirsten Dunst fix watching Wimbledon and then of course Bring It On was on TV tonight, yep total sugary goodness, but hey being the Buffy fan I was seeing Eliza Dushku is always fun and really Jesse Bradford, do I need to say more?

22. Tomorrow morning; Mum, Pabbi, myself and maybe but probably not Matthew are heading to the farm for breakfast at 6:30am, only a 30minute drive at that time of the morning. My aunt Susan and have spent the last 17 days on a 60th Anniversary Commemorative Tour of Singapore and Thailand for POW’s. Grandad spent most of WWII as a POW of the Germans. Can’t wait to hear his stories of the sights they saw.

3. My fingernails are full 4mm long and I can’t believe they have lasted this long! Normally they get pretty trashed at work but for some reason they are fighting back against those cardboard boxes. I love the clicking sound they make πŸ™‚

6. Chatting to friends via IM, since early high school when we were all crazy over ICQ and then migrated to MSN Messenger, which is joined now by Yahoo and Google Talk. I have spent hours some nights chatting away, it sure is cheaper and quieter than the phone, though family reactions when you crack up in front of the computer screen is funny. To the girls and guys from school and uni to the scrapping girls and family. IM rocks πŸ™‚

and I think that is enough random thoughts for today.

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  1. hello, helen.
    saw a comment you posted on one of my twopeas layout so i wanted to check out your blog. would you believe that i’m also an INTJ?? and so is my husband, which explains why we are so good together, i suppose. also loved your amusement park photos — just dripping wet with goodness! that’s all. just wanted to say hello from across the world.

  2. Helen,
    I have to reveal here that I’m a trained pro in the administration and interpretation of the MBTI (I was trained by the folks at Consulting Psychologists Press here in Palo Alto, CA). I LOVE working this this assessment…but need to warn you…1. Introverted does not mean shy/withdrawn but rather how you process information>inward, thinking before you speak 2. you don’t need to ‘own’ the entire characterization just because it’s in writing, but find the bits that apply to you
    3. you are the other types as well…you are also extroverted, feeling, perceptive, etc…but like being right or left handed, these are less dominant 4. type can change, especially in times crisis or life changes ( lilke turning a ‘zero’ year, 30-40-50…when we try to re-think our ‘selves’ and our life’s path) and….5. depending on whether or not you dwelled upon each answer, you might not have gotten a good ‘read’ on the results (MBTI needs to be taken quickly, not thinking about the response for a long period… but rather going by gut first)

    Have fun with the MBTI…ohhhh one more thing…it might suggest occupational areas…just because it says you would be best at one thing based on your personality type, doesn’t mean you can’t lend your characteristics to the occupation of your dreams! example: I’m an ENFJ, well suited for counseling/teaching…but I could still become an accountant…I’d probably focus my nurturing skills on guiding my clients rather than on intense finance! KWIM???

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