2500 words + 5 polos = satisfaction

Some days at uni just leave you so charged about the world and about the future, that you walk round all day with a “I can do this” thought on your head. Today was one of those days; the thing is other than handing in my essay which for the first time I actually edited, so I should see an improvement in the language marks and handing out 376 slices of pizza in 20 mins with Andrea and Anika for the SRC, it was not a really thought provoking day; one class this morning on preparing for the final report and one this afternoon when I handed in my essay. Perhaps it was just the satisfaction of getting a semester essay handed in, in week 5 of classes or handing out pizzas and then chilling with Andrea and Brenton up in the SRC offices. Who really knows but it was a good day that was made even better by what Mum and I did when I got home.

Rivers is an ultra cool Aussie clothing company that is marketed more towards the people who live on the land, however in their women’s range they have a fantastic range of shirts in a paintbox full of colours. We had received the latest catalogue the other day in which they said they had cut the last lot of tops (6 styles, 14 colours) too large so they were marking them down. With each week till the stock is gone $1 been taken off the price. So after dinner tonight Mum and I headed down to the shops to check it out, well I got five polo necks for the grand price of $64.75 or $12.95 each, next week I am heading back to stock up on some boat necks 🙂 The pink and blue shirts are the same colour as my two fav Bazzill Scrapworks colours as well 🙂


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  1. Ooohhhhh…Helen’s gonna be all coordinated with her scrapworks layout LOL. Super bargain there, you did real good.

    And boy I know the feeling when a “bum numbing” assignment is finished and handed in!! Feels real gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!


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