new books but old friends

Borders is always so good to me and today was one of those days, as it was the final day of the 20% off promotion for students and teachers that they have two or three times a year and the best part? Getting the voucher that gives you 25% off one item next week and I also have a 15% ISTC voucher on my desk as well πŸ™‚

new books, old friends. Buying those books that I have borrowed from the library time and time again.
Spice Notes by Ian Hemphill. The herb and spice bible, when I get to Sydney in the near future I am making a stop at the Herbie shop πŸ™‚

The Journey is the Destination by Dan Eldon This book pushed me to where I am now scrapbooking it showed me a whole new world in doccumentation.

What new books or old friends have you picked up recently?

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  1. hmmmm… Write Your Own Curriculum

    since it is school time soon and I need to get some planning done.
    and Lust For Life
    I gave away my copy and recently replaced it with another. Such a very good book!

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