ETA, well he just went to the doctor here and has an order for blood tests in two weeks once his body has settled down from the trip. Our doctor is certain it is all just a result of dehydration, so that is good to hear.

There is something wrong with my dad, what we don’t know for sure yet his blood sugar levels have been very high – round the 14 mmol/L in London, will get tested again in two weeks.

Yesterday evening I received this email from Mum.

Dear Helen,

Please try to make an appointment with Howard Ryan for Pabbi on Friday morning – just get into my diary and see it doesn’t clash with my dentist appointment.

Pabbi is ok now but he spent 8 hours in hospital yesterday – we got on the plane by the skin of our teeth. He has had trouble with high blood sugar and dehydration. I am very glad yesterday is over. He has slept a fair bit of the flight from London. He managed to crack a rib in all this.

See you sometime Thurs,

Love Mum

As I have a uni class on Thursday mornings, they were going to get a taxi from the airport home, however after reading this email I decided it would be best for me to pick them up. I actually ran into a girl from school who was picking up Steve Towson who was on the same flight my parents were on.

After a while waiting my parents came through the gate, Mum pushing the trolley and Pabbi walking slowly behind her. Straight away I asked what the hell had happened, Mum simply broke down in tears and gave me a hug and said that she would tell me everything when we got home.

Pabbi arrived in London on Monday evening and checked into the youth hostel they were staying at, Mum was out seeing Mary Poppins with her sisters and niece. This hostel still had single sex dorms, so mum did not see Pabbi when she got home from the musical. In the morning one of the ladies in her dorm, asked her if she was Ruth Palsson, there was a message at reception for her, when she got there she was told she had to go see her husband as he was unwell. Mum says this was an understatement, he had cuts and dried blood over his chest and head.

It seems that somewhere round 3 that morning, he had gone to the toilet and collapsed, managing to make a mess of himself in the process. He was unable to stand up and been the man he is, he didn’t try calling for help and somehow managed to get back to his dorm, where instead of waking one of the men up in his dorm for help. He got into bed and waited till one of them woke up to ask for help. This meant that he didn’t receive treatment for about 3hrs later when Mum found out round 8am.

Shortly after that, an Ambulance took him to the same hospital where Cherie Blair had her latest baby, where he underwent numerous tests and was placed in the observation ward. His blood sugar level at this time was 14mmol/L – very high. After those results came back they did an arterial blood test to check something with his severe dehydration (partially his own fault due to his ways of needing to be at places as soon as possible and not asking people for help)

They put him on a drip to receive 1L of liquids over 4hrs to help his body out, at the end of this he had another blood test to see if his condition had improved – it had slightly (his blood sugar level was down to 8mmol/L). During this time Mum had rang the airline to see when other possible flights were, the next available flight wouldn’t be till Friday night which would mean another 3 days in London) knowing this the doctor allowed him to get on the flight home.

Of course Pabbi is Pabbi so during this time he was stressing something chronic about making the flight etc etc.

Now he is tucked up in bed, waiting till the appointment with our family doc in 3hrs.

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  1. hope everything is well with Pabbi – at least he is safely home, no better place to be. thinking of you. hugs

  2. Yikes! Yikes! What a scary few days for you and your family. I hope all the test come back ok. In the mean time, sneak water into your pabbi at night and make him drink it… NO MORE dehydration (i’ve been there, it sucks) if he won’t drink it… stick his hand in it. It will make him pee the bed {evil but well meaning grin} which may embarass him enough to make him drink water the next night…
    darn those men that won’t get help when needed!

  3. I am wondering how pabbi is? updates! we need updates! Kisses to your pabbi…and a glass of water.

    my spelling is so horrible, I hadn’t noticed your mistakes πŸ™‚

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