after the change

I arrived at the salon yesterday round about 4:30pm and walked out pretty much 2 hours later. I received more than twenty-two foils, a fair cry from the six I had done for the formal in 2002. Which was the first and until now the only time I had, had a professional dye job. On two occasions previously I had dyed it at home with the 6-wash stuff. It didn’t just stop with the foils, after they were all folded up and looking pretty on my head, out came the bowel of 773 to give some oomph to my natural colour.

Kaliope had made sure to pick a colour that requires little care because she knows me πŸ™‚ I am not one to spend anytime on preparing myself for the day, I need something that can get up and go with me πŸ™‚

Then I sat under the heat thing that looked like an alien waiting for the colour to set and having some more quality gossip time with Kaliope. How us girls, had changed since High school, a mere 2.5yrs ago, both of us loosing weight, her relaxing and me becoming more girly (all about the pink) and as well as the rest of us growing up and developing into who we are today.

Then all of a sudden it was all done after the rinse out and drying and some halo shine to finish it all off. I love it so much!!

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