Happy Birthday Daniel

This afternoon Karl, Matthew and I went to the birthday party of our littlest nephew Daniel, who turned 2 🙂
Great turn out, lots of kids and five big kids (us three plus our step-newphew Stefan plus our eldest brother Palli) as well as the various older family relatives of Sigga and Hafþor.
As well as eating lots of cake, berries and other goodies, we spent some great time outside in the gorgeous sunlight, rolling and horseing round in the lush green grass, throwing the frisbee, chasing after Daniel as he attempted his escape missions again and again.
Lots of fun 🙂
Here is the birthday boy with Karl 🙂
Birthday Boy

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday Daniel”

  1. hmmm, so am I a older relative now??? Palli is actually older than me!

    Just a quick comment from your older sister that likes to think she is not so old!!!

    Herdis Pala (33).

  2. Wow , I was looking for an old Iceland acquintance and reached this page. What a tyke that little boy is, in the back of the pictyure. Theres a nice family.

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