Final Night

Tommorow at 7:30am, I leave this home to go back to the home where I have a boyfriend, job and university but I leave behind the home where I have my family, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, neices and nephews. The people that I love so much and give so much to me.

It is something that I miss so much when I go back to Australia, hanging out in Herdis’s kitchen chatting about life, watching Matthew and Noni talk about guns, hunting and all things wild, late night chatting with Anika, singing with Hafþor, mucking round with Palli, flying and fine cooking with Toti and Anna, having a chance to be totally silly with the kids, just chatting with Karl and just hanging with family.

My last supper was cooked by Hafþor, Tuna Provencale aka Fake Chook because when my mum first cooked it Hafþor asked if it was chicken, Pabbi penned the name and it as stuck ever since.

Last night, we went to dinner at the Casa Herdis Pala og Noni, where we feasted on a wild array of foods ranging from reindeer and birds that Noni had shot himself, Plokkfiskur (my request) to icecream with homemade hot chocolate sauce mmmm. When I was in Iceland last time Herdis had cooked Plokkfiskur (very traditional fish meal made from fish, white sauce and potatoes), so when she asked for requests as to what to cook this time I had to ask for it 🙂 so, so yummy:)

Today Matthew and I did some final tourist shopping, getting some more Appelsín, myself buying a case(35) of Prince Polos (heaven in a wrapper), Matthew buying a drinking horn and myself picking up a little something for Sean and a handbag for me that has the Icelandic flag sequined on it 🙂

I had hopped to find an outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding in October but my searches today were fruitless so I will have to find something in London.

Whilst in London I am staying with Mike who is a friend of Karls (cisco brought both of them over from Australia to San Jose when they finished uni), in addition to finding an outfit or two I am also going to visit the reading room in the British Museum where Karl Marx researched and wrote his books, see some more Van Gough and my first Monet in the National Gallery.

As well as a hop over to Lords when the first Ashes test is played on Thursday.

See you somewhere 🙂

3 Replies to “Final Night”

  1. i freak out being away from my family when i’m going to university and it’s only 2 hours. i can’t imagine being a huge distance apart.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, Prince Polo…..mmmmmmmmmm…..with Coke….mmmmmmmmm.

    I’m so glad you’ve been having such a good time and have such wonderful memories to leave with. I wish for you that you didn’t have to leave either.

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