London Adventures

Well we have now arrived Iceland. After many hassles
we arrived at Heathrow at 5:17am Sunday morning after sorting stuff out, Mum and Pabbi left to take the bus to Stansted, Matthew and I took the tube into Kings Cross Station and then walked a good 2.5km as the crow flies but looking at the map closer to 4km to get to Liverpool street station to get the rail express out to Stansted airport. We arrived at the Liverpool station at 9am, after probably taking an hour or so to walk the distance including a stop to get McMuffins for breakfast and readjusting our packs on our shoulders.
Yeah that is right, we walked with packs on our back and our daypacks on our front – and my bag is more of a sports duffle bag, which I was using the straps as arm straps – I have nice red marks on my shoulder from that trip as well as blisters on my feet.

We did see a very non-touristy side of London, and we were graced by not much traffic or people as not many people are up at that time of the morning.

We stumbled into Mum and Pabbi at Stansted to be told our plane to Iceland was delayed from leaving at 1pm till 5:30pm, due to technical problems – the plane had not yet left Iceland. We checked in our bags and were given our first set for meal vouchers to spend on food. So we waited and we browsed and raised our eyebrows at some of the candy and soft drinks we saw.

Some time round 4ish we hear another announcement on the PA, the plane is now delayed till 9:30pm argh!!!!! So we slept and moaned and chatted to the other people who were going to Iceland as well. Then we had another PA announcement for us all to go and get some more food vouchers and that they are very sorry for the hassle. We ended up with £56 of free food as each voucher was worth £7.

We arrived in Iceland at roughly 12:30am to be greeted by three of our brothers and a drawing from one of my nieces (Soley) saying in English that I am her best aunt 🙂 she was going to come meet us but since it was delayed it was too late for her. Can’t wait to see her and my other nieces and nephews a long with my other siblings and family tomorrow.

Now I need to go to bed and get some sleep:) from the land of the midnight sun, good night.

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  1. Helen, I’m sure you can imagine how envious I am of you. I hope your trip is a great one and you get to see and do lots of things. Don’t miss Svartifoss!!


  2. For one who has never traveled far enough to need a passport, I’m thoroughly enjoying your trip! Helen, I love reading about your adventures! Enjoy!! (loving the new banners too!)

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