this post comes straight from Changi Airport in Singapore, Matthew and I are hitting up the free internet terminals – we managed to walk on to a vacant one – most have long lines. score!

We arrived safely with only a few arguments between the family. where is my boarding pass, where is my _______ etc.

Didn’t need to bring a book etc on the plane with me – I had 60 movies, 120 tv shows, 220 music albums and 12 radio stations, plus all the games.

I watched Coach Carter and Hotel Rawanda, both pretty powerful movies, manged to get up to the 500 000 pound question on who wants to be a millionaire as well.

Well we are off to find some slurpees and look at the gardens as well as checking out the very, very, very cheap booze.

Till London, Peace Up A-Town.

ETA well the 7-11 did not had slurpees <= how can they call themselves a 7-11? The subway has Iced Lemon Tea on tap! We found a super cool internet place where we have webcams and microphones as well as x-boxes and tv on request - pretty rocking! If you want to add me to your MSN List it is simply msnAThelenthuraDOTcom 🙂 the webcam is pretty cool. Though they are using IE instead of Firefox 🙁

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  1. hey hels bels
    well the house is going ok its in good hands, we lost cricket today but cricket is the real winner. They scored 173 all out my figures were 9 overs 1-30 and 2 catches.
    I was not out in my batting but i didnt score a run i rolled my ankle while bowling so when i went out to bat i was just going to smash the ball as hard as i could. found the notebook having trouble reading the address for Margaret house. Well have fun and party hard. xox

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