Farewell Night Out

crazy people at the vic

foot notes:
I couldn’t accept all the drinks people were prepared to buy me as I would have got smashed.
Rachel is a pool shark – she won three of the four games against the guys.
People like to knock their beers over.
Taxi is still the call made when people make stuff.
Lemon Lime Bitters with too much Bitters in tastes awful.
two girls deciding that a toilet cubicle is a great place to get some quality time whilst a line is out the door waiting for the toilets is not cool.
Helen really can’t play pool (unless it is on the computer)

2 Replies to “Farewell Night Out”

  1. Great photos!
    Hope that you have a great time.
    Hey just wanted to let you know that I scored tickets to see Simple Plan in Sydney in October. Mega excited.

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