another Sunday of pale grey clouds

This photo is from Friday night, I did a touch of ironing and just as I was about to turn off the light, I looked at the light and went I think need to take a photo of this.

It is yet another dreary Sunday, the sun is hiding behind the pale grey clouds which deliver a sprinkle of rain every so often. And there is no better way to make those clouds a little brighter than with a few things that I’ve been liking these past few days.

Crown Street Public School has released a cook book called Crown Street Cooks which from the preview is 100% Surry Hills. Gosh I’ve not spent much time in Surry Hills at all, but those few days there last year are still firm in my heart. And what better way to remember Crown Street than a song about Crown Street.

Crown Street by Women in Docs
[audio:Women in Docs – Crown Street.mp3]

I’m loving this Orchid lamp shade by Alex Earl

Rolling Stone has published 20 inside photos from Mad Men in black and white of course and whoa they are amazing photos. Sadly there is only two episodes left of season 4 🙁

and that is three very lovely things.

CMF Sunday

The last day of a very music filled 2.5 days at Caloundra. Part of me was glad for the festival to be over but another part of me was sad, as I had heard so much great music over the course of the weekend. Will be really interesting to see how it will be run next year and what the line up will be.

Some more Dé Jah Groove photos. I had enjoyed these boys at Woodford but at Caloundra they really blew me and just about everyone else away. I am still listening to the CD every few days and looking forward to when they come up in a couple of weeks time.
Dé Jah Groove, WillDé Jah Groove, LachDé Jah Groove, DaveDé Jah Groove, GusThose Dé Jah BoysFoley, Lach, Dallas & Jeff

Another big highlight of the w/e was Kaya. Another group I had seen at Woodford and were blown away by. Kaya are four ladies who sing with such passion and soul in their voices you would think that they have been told that after this show they will not be singing anymore
The Kaya Ladies

I think it is pretty well known round these spaces that in terms of “Brisbane” bands, Women in Docs pretty much top the list for me and for the Sunday show they played Tin Roof which is always going to make me smile.
Women in Docs, ChanelWomen in Docs, RozWomen in Docs

Tijuana Cartel
These guys were pretty classy to, mixing up classical guitar with some “rap” elements.
Tijuana CartelTijuana CartelTijuana Cartel

Lisa Hunt, the last act on the main stage and by george can this lady sing.
Lisa HuntLisa Hunt

What a weekend it was, great music all weekend, fun times with my camera and of course meeting a great bunch of people 😀


Saturday was really two sessions. There was the general festival in the day time which ended with Jimmy Barnes and the party got started again at the Kings Beach Tavern and ended when the lights came on and last drinks were served in the early morning. The day time was about a wide, wide variety of music, relaxing in the sunshine, chatting and generally just enjoying some pretty decent music.

Saturday day time was about Women in Docs, The Dé Jah Groove boys again, Tripod, sessions at Tanja’s, a variety of music on the Ramada local talent stage including Asa Broomhall, Vanessa Amorosi and Jimmy Barnes in the evening.

Women in Docs Asa Broomhall Drew Wilson & Tanja's Tripod Dé Jah Groove, Will Dé Jah Groove, Harley Dé Jah Groove, Delaney

Vanessa Amorosi Jimmy Barnes