Saturday was really two sessions. There was the general festival in the day time which ended with Jimmy Barnes and the party got started again at the Kings Beach Tavern and ended when the lights came on and last drinks were served in the early morning. The day time was about a wide, wide variety of music, relaxing in the sunshine, chatting and generally just enjoying some pretty decent music.

Saturday day time was about Women in Docs, The Dé Jah Groove boys again, Tripod, sessions at Tanja’s, a variety of music on the Ramada local talent stage including Asa Broomhall, Vanessa Amorosi and Jimmy Barnes in the evening.

Women in Docs Asa Broomhall Drew Wilson & Tanja's Tripod Dé Jah Groove, Will Dé Jah Groove, Harley Dé Jah Groove, Delaney

Vanessa Amorosi Jimmy Barnes

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