Today, is the afternoon at the races.
Today, is The Royal Children’s Hospital and Woolworths Raceday at Doomben.Emmamagnumbox
Today, is the celebration of Emma’s 22nd, hence the trip to Doomben.
Today, I present to Emma a magnum of Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut Cuvée. (in the box to the right that I made).
Today, I go to the races for the first time in my life.
Toady, Sean has two or three superleague Netball games at Beenleigh.
Today, I get to dress up during the day instead of at night.
Today, I have a clean room (mostly).
Today, I banked my latest magazine cheque.
Today, is the day before my little brother turns 18.
Today, I am having toast & tea for breakfast instead of Muesli.
Today, I am listening to my "not heard in a while" smart playlist in iTunes.
Today, I am thinking more about my plan to get the Canon 350D before Iceland in June.
Today, is Saturday, 19 March 2005.

happy, content

I visited Barb today before going to Sean’s. Happy is the one word I could use to describe her. Utterly and Magically Happy. I think of Barb and I think Happy. Happy with her weight loss, with her re-found passion for scrapbooking, with her delight with blogging.

Really it’s just like a scrapbook page, just print off the blogging, whack it on a page and add some paper and zip-de-do, a scrapbook page. (Part of a conversation we had today).

2005march12windowshoot_2 We were talking in the lounge and Barb exclaimed about the light in my eyes. Out came the camera and we spent the next good while, taking photos, of each other and the kids.  This is one of my favourites that Barb took of me. It is just me, unbrushed hair, fake tooth, red cheeks, just me. Big thanks to Barb for a great midday and a Happy Day.

Content, that is what I am, Sean and I saw Million Dollar Baby tonight, so utterly not what we expected it to be like, I was thinking something like Girlfight with Michelle Rodriguez but more drama. Wow what a movie, the turn of events in Las Vegas was something neither of us were expecting, I spent the rest of the movie with tears parachuting down my cheeks.

I shared a glace with Sean at one part during the movie and just had an utter wave of contentedness take over my body. I am so content with where I am and with Sean.

Happy and Content.

"Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little."  Marguerite Gardiner


It just started raining, nice rain, just pittering pattering down. I am sitting here talking on MSN with Karl trying to get our Myth Box working.

In the time it took me to open a window to post this message in, the rain has stopped. Hopefully it will start back up when I go to bed later. I can’t stand noises when I am trying to sleep  but the rain is blissfull to sleep to.


When I finished work last night, I put to action what I had thought of doing many times, grabbing a Slurpee on the way home from work.

So last night I drove the extra distant to 7-11 to pick up a Slurpee. I arrive at 7-11, I park the car, I walk in and grab a Slurpee cup, only to have the attendant say to me "No Slurpee’s after midnight, the machine is on wash". ahhh the disappointment. Perhaps tonight when I finish work at 9:30 rather than midnight I will be able to pick up a Slurpee on the way home.

I can see clearly now…

… the rain has gone.

This afternoon it rained, it wasn’t pouring and it wasn’t drizzleing just raining. That of course meant car accidents on the roads when we were coming back from the shops. I got a bath sheet, only ever had towels before, nice and cosy.

Can’t remember the last time it rained.


Band-Aids, that little adhesive plaster strip that has served so many of us.  I in particular am a fan of one certain type of Band-Aid – Fabric Band-Aid.

The fabric Band-Aid is better than the regular plastic strips  on so many levels, they don’t tear, they don’t make my skin all sweaty, they stretch nicely and just feel so comfy.

All my bags, purses and handbags, have a stash of Band-Aids in, mainly due to my ever-ending cuts etc but also when someone asks "Does anyone have a Band-Aid?" I just pull one out and hand it over. 🙂

Currently I have band-aids on four fingers; one from a bad cardboard cut at work, one from another cut and two on fingers where I have bad skin flaps – you know those shreds of skin that tear up beside you nails and are extremely painful?

Band-Aids and I get on very well.

Some days I think shares in Johnson&Johnson could be a really good idea