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I visited Barb today before going to Sean’s. Happy is the one word I could use to describe her. Utterly and Magically Happy. I think of Barb and I think Happy. Happy with her weight loss, with her re-found passion for scrapbooking, with her delight with blogging.

Really it’s just like a scrapbook page, just print off the blogging, whack it on a page and add some paper and zip-de-do, a scrapbook page. (Part of a conversation we had today).

2005march12windowshoot_2 We were talking in the lounge and Barb exclaimed about the light in my eyes. Out came the camera and we spent the next good while, taking photos, of each other and the kids.  This is one of my favourites that Barb took of me. It is just me, unbrushed hair, fake tooth, red cheeks, just me. Big thanks to Barb for a great midday and a Happy Day.

Content, that is what I am, Sean and I saw Million Dollar Baby tonight, so utterly not what we expected it to be like, I was thinking something like Girlfight with Michelle Rodriguez but more drama. Wow what a movie, the turn of events in Las Vegas was something neither of us were expecting, I spent the rest of the movie with tears parachuting down my cheeks.

I shared a glace with Sean at one part during the movie and just had an utter wave of contentedness take over my body. I am so content with where I am and with Sean.

Happy and Content.

"Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little."  Marguerite Gardiner

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  1. Helen, I had such a great time too! Thank you for coming over. All afternoon I kept thinking “Oh goodie, I have all those great photos to play with tomorrow!!” I love it when you remember something fun you have to look forward too. I learnt a lot from you yesterday about natural light, I am going to practice a bit more today.

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