the ekka

ahhh, that wonderful ten days of August when the show comes to town πŸ™‚ Spent the arvo/night in at the looking at all the aggie displays, sampling the foods, surveying the photograph competition, having a strawberry ice-cream and well doing what I do best taking photos πŸ™‚ I didn’t buy any show bags nor go on any rides or buy anything other than the token strawberry ice-cream. I have heaps of photos to go through but I have posted one on the plog alreay – solo guy and ferris wheel

a family day.

This morning, Pabbi, Mum and I made a trip down to the beach at Sandgate to watch the sunrise and enjoy a photography filled time. Mum and Pabbi were sharing the Fuji and I had my 350D (which needs a name, any ideas?) along with the tripod and a bunch of lenses, even though I only ended up using one lens. mmm. A fair few of the images I took have become header images for here, which you will notice change with each page load thanks to some cool php I picked up. I will post more photos as I go through them. And of course I had to take self-portraits of me in my new funky jumper.


Then, this afternoon Mum, myself and Mary (a close friend of my late grandmother, who now fills in that role) went to see a private screening of  The Wedding Date, ok so it wasn’t a private screening, we just shared the with five other people. What a crack up of a movie, though it did have plenty of sad bits, Poor Kat, but in the end it all came together and how gorgeous was Debra Messing’s hair in the movie?

Cricket tomorrow, hope the Giant Killers win this game, as it will be the last I see till after I return from Iceland.

4 digital + 3 film = a photographic family

This morning our house entered the world of having a digital for all of us. Today, Matthew bought a Canon Ixus 40, it is so small and cute, I can see myself "stealing it" when I go out clubing some nights, will fit in the handbag way better πŸ™‚

Our Camera List.

Helen – Canon Eos 350d, Canon  Eos 300, Quadcam

Mum – Olympus Mju zoom 170

Pabbi – Fuji Finepix s5500, Olympus Camedia c-350

Matthew – Canon Ixus 40

Plus 3 or 4 old bodies and lenses of pabbi’s that no longer work.

 Yeah we are a photography house for sure πŸ™‚

State of Origin 1


Matthew went to the first State of Origin game tonight, played in QLD and of course QLD won πŸ™‚ 24-20. Not an Origin fan myself, as I am not a fan of League myself, but I do like seeing everyone dressing up and the rivalry between NSW and QLD fans.
Minute by Minute at Fox Sports, In fact I am sitting here in a Wallbies jersey πŸ™‚

Explored fill flash today, both on the walk home in the park, in this photo here of Matthew before he went off to the game. Really like it, going to have to play some more with it for sure.

hail or snow?

we just had one incredible hail storm. Matthew’s room started leaking – buckets collected 5cmish of water, matthew had to get up on the roof in the rain and hail to clear the roof, to stop the leaking. Outside it is just white like a snow storm, we have not had hail like this in probably ten years. On our back cement it is/was close to 8cm deep. Lots of hail. ABC News Story hail1 hail2 hail3 hail4

does this come in pink?

Canon 300D/350D – with some "make-up" on. Ohh I could go a dark pink or perhaps even a candy pink to match my shoes or wallet. IF/when I buy a second SLR, so having the back-up air-brushed. mmmm so so pretty.