so fitting.

Sean and I were mucking about with my camera last night and the very last one was this one. Then I stumbled across the quote in the book I am reading at the moment – Abounding Grace (I love this book so much, I am going to have to buy it) It is quotes with thoughts and ideas by the collector, just so great.

It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.” – Agatha Christie.



On Saturday, Sean and I went to watch a soccer game of one of his mates, I had borrowed a telephoto zoom lens off Barb before we went so I would have some extra versability in the kit. Had a great time, still discovering what my focus is with sports photos – movement or moment? As well as exploring exposure control.

After Phil came off and sat down beside us to talk I took a moment to take this one. I just love it.

Today, was ANZAC day, which for us meant listening to the various parades on the radio and cleaning, lots of cleaning. This afternoon Sean and I went to the movies and saw In Good Company, we both quite liked though the ending was a bit wierd. I wanted Alex and Carter to get back together (the eternal optimist in me).

a view of self

As I do everyday walking home from the bus, I walk through the park, more often then not taking photos of what I see round me and of myself. However when I took these today, I thought more than normally, I didn’t just wave the camera round pressing the shutter, I positioned myself in the light, I thought about my camera settings, out stretched my arms and shot away, each time checking the histogram afterwards to check the exposure. So loving the 350D, I am still getting used to the magnification on the lenses though, so used to knowing what my 50mm gave me in view with my film Eos 300. Posted to share and as part of Ali’s Challenge.

first images

so, so loving the 350D, am taking it to work with me tonight to get some photos on the way home at midnight.

 here are some of my first images.

chive flower 

 green things



it is here

The courier arrived at house at 9:34am this morning, everyone was gone already except for Matthew who was sleeping and decided to ignore the bell, so when I got home from uni at 11:10ish I opened the letter box to see if the mail had arrived and lo and behold there was a missed delivery slip, to be picked up after 12:30 at the local post office. So I berate Matthew for not answering the door and prepare to wait, excitedly talk to Karl and Karyn about it.

Round about 12:10, I pop on the bike and cycle down to the post office, I arrive at 12:22, the courier had not arrived yet. 12:30 comes and goes and he still has not arrived. 12:40, he pulls up and as he walks toward the post office with a single parcel. My Parcel. I greet him at the door, he asks if this mine and I say it is sure is, he comments that he was suprised that no-one was home since someone normally is – shows how often I get stuff delivered emoticon. I signed the docket, popped the parcel in my bag and powered home, ripped it open, found the english manual, my spainish is nowhere that good. Located the battery, popped it in the charger and waited. Still waiting, though I did take it out after 30 mins at Karl’s asking to take some photos but of course he went to bed whilst I was still figuring out the software. Battery is back in the charger now.

Over all it is so small, with the 50mm attached it will fit quite nicely in my handbag πŸ™‚ :).