On Saturday, Sean and I went to watch a soccer game of one of his mates, I had borrowed a telephoto zoom lens off Barb before we went so I would have some extra versability in the kit. Had a great time, still discovering what my focus is with sports photos – movement or moment? As well as exploring exposure control.

After Phil came off and sat down beside us to talk I took a moment to take this one. I just love it.

Today, was ANZAC day, which for us meant listening to the various parades on the radio and cleaning, lots of cleaning. This afternoon Sean and I went to the movies and saw In Good Company, we both quite liked though the ending was a bit wierd. I wanted Alex and Carter to get back together (the eternal optimist in me).

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  1. Excellent photo, Helen! You’re such a talent. I need to practice getting “moment” photos shots of people just like you.

    And, yeah, I’ll join you in the cleaning. My craft area is embarassing.

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