As I am writing this, it is bucketing down outside, Buble is playing on the computer and I am working on a tute presentation that I have for tomorrow on Philippines and the Asian Economic Crisis
What a day I had, I was running a bit late for the bus this morning so left the lunch at home by accident. First Doh of the day. It was raining and all yuck so I didn’t want to take my new decorated briefcase to the show today – much to the disappointment of the Scrap That girls and me too. We had a total nutcase of a bus driver on the way in as well, deciding that he wanted to re-write the rules on who is entitled to sit down and who should stand up on his bus. Not fun man. I get into the city and hope on a bus that is going to the other side of the river and didn’t really think about the walking distance from the bus stop to the convention center. Second Doh of the day – got off at the wrong bus stop so had to work a lot further in the drizzle when I was already running late.

Finally get to the convention centre, grab a map to find where the Fiskars stand was. Get down there and meet Helen, Nic, Merle and Ngaire. Have a run over the tools we will be using on the stand. Nic gave us these brand new, just arrived Eyelet setters and I just love them! So, easy to use and fun, you just place the punch where you want it go, pull up the other and let go, there is a hole, no hammer, no pressing of a hand punch, just pulling up the end and letting go. They are so cool and set eyelets so nicely as well!
Spent the day mainly showing people how to use their shape-cutters, the embossing systems and of course the eyelet setters. By the end of the day I was exhausted! had eaten nothing and not drunk enough water. Not going to forget lunch on Friday!

Hayley came by in the afternoon after work so we had a wonder round the show after I finished checking out the shops, chatting to the Scrap That girls again, then off to get the bus home. Matthew and Pabbi greeted me at the bus stop so I would not have to walk home in the bucketing down rain. I got home, ate my lunch I had forgotten, chatted to Mum about the day, ate dinner and went and had a nap so I could work on my tute presentation after some much needed rest. What a day it was. I can’t imagine what the show will be like on the weekend when more and more people come.

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