State of Origin 1


Matthew went to the first State of Origin game tonight, played in QLD and of course QLD won πŸ™‚ 24-20. Not an Origin fan myself, as I am not a fan of League myself, but I do like seeing everyone dressing up and the rivalry between NSW and QLD fans.
Minute by Minute at Fox Sports, In fact I am sitting here in a Wallbies jersey πŸ™‚

Explored fill flash today, both on the walk home in the park, in this photo here of Matthew before he went off to the game. Really like it, going to have to play some more with it for sure.

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  1. heh, I’m not a rugby fan either! But I do think that piccy looks great.

    Nice to see another Cure fan around too… Disintegration is brilliant isn’t it? πŸ™‚

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