2 essays down, 1 to go!

Just about to go hand in my essay πŸ™‚  – Why are the Chinese so dominant in Business in Southeast Asia: A historical view of the factors that have shaped the Business Scene.  Some 2550ish words. Glad that one is over.

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  1. I don’t envy you girl, seriously, I wish I could go back and study again…so maybe I do envy you – mmmmmm!!!!! congrats anyway for getting them done – whooo hooo

  2. Whoa! I love writing, but if given a choice between writing about business and China and a root canal…I think I’d choose the root canal! Give me somethin’ touchy-feely to write about and I’m there…I’ll tell ya anything you want to know about Jungian theory…just don’t ask me to add 2+2, make sense out of business theory or dissect a dead critter!
    Good luck with essay #2!!

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