The Cat Empire, The Zoo, 30 Sept

Last night I went to see/feel/experience The Cat Empire at the Zoo for one of the gigs they are playing as part of their tenth anniversary tour.

It was magical, beyond most words usually used to describe a gig. There was just this energie in the room that you could feel the entire night.


The above photos is not from last night but from those years I spent as rock photographer. On that topic, last night was the first gig in some time that I have had no desire to take a photo and didn’t spend half the gig picking out the best shots and the like. Last night, my mind and body was totally there, a couple of rows from the front just to the right of the centre (the best position at the Zoo, as you get the breeze from the open windows but are still in the middle of everything), very kindly standing in front of a guy who made me stand in front of him as he was a few inches taller than me.

I didn’t think much of the support act, they sounded very different to their recordings/videos, a whole lot less polished. The total reverse to The Cat Empire who sound good on their albums but live the songs become longer with more music, more jams, more dancing and better.

The Cat Empire are playing four shows in Brisbane, two at the Zoo and two at the Tivoli, presented those options and the fact that this is their tenth anniversary tour how do you not pick the sweaty, confined spaces of the Zoo over the more majestic open space of the Tivoli? When you know it’s going to be a night of pure energie and of music that is going to flow amongst the crowd? I guess that is why the shows at the Zoo sold out first…

If the anniversery tour hasn’t rolled into your town yet, get your self some tickets and go have fun!

It was magical.

Call Me Home was just everything and more.

Float On to teenage dreams

This time last Sunday night was I was blissing out to one band in particular that I recall from early years of High School. Custard and in particular one song, Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us), I can’t tell you how many times I taped that song when I was younger. It was number 3 in the Triple J Hottest 100 for 1998. I was in Year 8. The start of a few years at high school where I was one of a few who listened to Triple J and an even smaller few who listened to Triple Zed. I’ve got having older brothers to thank in part for that. Musically, I was more of a Switzerland, though for all intensive purposes I still am – we’ll leave that however to a later discussion.


Above is Custard at The Hi-Fi as they took part in a flood relief concert called Float On along with other 90s greats; Regurgitator and Screamfeeder as well as some more contemporary acts in the likes of Kate Miller-Heidke, Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side, Hungary Kids of Hungary and Little Scout.

Float On was one of the best mutli headlined shows I’ve been to in years. For so many people in the audience it was a total throwback to the days when they were younger. I heard someone say, that they’ve never seen so many 30-40 year old men in a moshpit. It was a sight. It was a common thread amongst the “contemporary acts” in their banter to talk about how this was such a teenage dream to be playing alongside the likes of Custard, the “Gurge” and Screamfeeder. It was almost like an episode of Recovery, which I really wish was still around because triple j tv, you’re just not in the same league.

Back to the music though because until we get that time travel sorted out there is only so much one can natter on about the past.

Custard – Girls Like That.

and some more 1998. Regurgitator – Polyester Girl

Quite possibly my favourite Custard song. Music is Crap. Oh gosh, let me tell you I had a smile that stretched from one ear to the other when they started this song.

Screamfeeder – Hi Cs

Regurgitator – the song formely known as

I strongly recommend checking out this collection of videos from the night. You too can indulge in some fine music that sums up an era in Brisbane music.

The crowd enjoying The Gurge
The Gurge and the crowd

The only way I think the night could have been any better would have been if Sekiden were playing as well.
Sekiden – Up in the Air

French music vs Icelandic food, the battle for which is written about first

aka a really long post title.

I’m/We/A group of us are going to see Gainsbourg on Wednesday night at Palace Centro. I received an email a few weeks ago offering free tickets so I thought why not. I recognised the name but typical of me could not place a song title or the like.

I finally got round to watching the trailer and it looks really good – yeah it’s a bio-pic but the music, the setting, the people, it’s all good.

The Trailer

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus

and moving on….

I came home today to find a little red box sitting on the counter, a Pósturinn box. A birthday present from halfway round the world. I then artfully arranged the contents for a photo, with a sort of building blocks theme … note the Give Way sign, I like getting that sign in photos I take on the deck.

Life Essentials

mmm Prince Polo bars, a Hraun bar (sort of like the Icelandic version of a Picnic – as in a chocolate bar that looks a bit ugly but is pretty tasty) and an obligatory chocolate liquorice bar – I’m no fan of liquorice but some things just have to be sent. More importantly in the parcel were two jars of jam. One marked Red Lava 2010 and the other RGH2 Sept 2010. The Red Lava is a chilli jam, a “flavour bomb” for want of a better phrase, the other RGH2 is redcurrant, honey and ginger. I think RGH2 will go pretty well on the fruit toast.

I also finished uploading all my photos from the Iceland trip on the weekend – just have some video to get up at some stage. Go have a looksie, ahh I wonder when I will get to Iceland again.

Dyrhólaey, 355/365

and with that tomorrow, I get my stitches taken out 🙂

another Sunday of pale grey clouds

This photo is from Friday night, I did a touch of ironing and just as I was about to turn off the light, I looked at the light and went I think need to take a photo of this.

It is yet another dreary Sunday, the sun is hiding behind the pale grey clouds which deliver a sprinkle of rain every so often. And there is no better way to make those clouds a little brighter than with a few things that I’ve been liking these past few days.

Crown Street Public School has released a cook book called Crown Street Cooks which from the preview is 100% Surry Hills. Gosh I’ve not spent much time in Surry Hills at all, but those few days there last year are still firm in my heart. And what better way to remember Crown Street than a song about Crown Street.

Crown Street by Women in Docs
[audio:Women in Docs – Crown Street.mp3]

I’m loving this Orchid lamp shade by Alex Earl

Rolling Stone has published 20 inside photos from Mad Men in black and white of course and whoa they are amazing photos. Sadly there is only two episodes left of season 4 🙁

and that is three very lovely things.

October, it’s almost Summer

Summer of course means overcast afternoons and rain … or sunshine and the beach.

I had an RDO on Friday so N and I decided to make use of it and have a long weekend away. We headed up to Noosa to enjoy it in all its glory on the last weekend of theschool holidays … the weather was lovely on Friday, rainy and overcast on Saturday and a mishmosh today. We detoured via Pomona on the way up on Friday and I made a lovely find at one of my favourite second hand shops – A Juicy Junk Shop. Saturday was a Eumundi day; the markets, the bookshop and things like that. Saturday was also a day when the TV was turned on in hope of the Saints winning and then turned off when the difference became too painful. Sunday was today, Sunday is today. We drove the beach roads back home, stopping at Mudjimba, Cotton Tree and Caloundra for a walk. Found the most amazing tea cafe/store in Cotton Tree – The Silva Spoon (1 and 2), I’m so going back to this store! Had the most amazing raspberry hot chocolate. I can predict spending some time browsing the various teas and tea paraphernalia they sell. They had at least a hundred different tea cups and pots on sale. A quick stop off at the farm on the way home to say hello to Grandad and then the weekend was over.

I’m currently watching Stephen Fry at the Opera House on the ABC and gosh he has a way with the English language.

and some photos of course.

Saturday night in Noosa
Noosa after sunset
Noosa after sunset

Sunday Morning on the beach at Mudjimba
On the beach at Mudjimba
On the beach at Mudjimba