Float On to teenage dreams

This time last Sunday night was I was blissing out to one band in particular that I recall from early years of High School. Custard and in particular one song, Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us), I can’t tell you how many times I taped that song when I was younger. It was number 3 in the Triple J Hottest 100 for 1998. I was in Year 8. The start of a few years at high school where I was one of a few who listened to Triple J and an even smaller few who listened to Triple Zed. I’ve got having older brothers to thank in part for that. Musically, I was more of a Switzerland, though for all intensive purposes I still am – we’ll leave that however to a later discussion.


Above is Custard at The Hi-Fi as they took part in a flood relief concert called Float On along with other 90s greats; Regurgitator and Screamfeeder as well as some more contemporary acts in the likes of Kate Miller-Heidke, Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side, Hungary Kids of Hungary and Little Scout.

Float On was one of the best mutli headlined shows I’ve been to in years. For so many people in the audience it was a total throwback to the days when they were younger. I heard someone say, that they’ve never seen so many 30-40 year old men in a moshpit. It was a sight. It was a common thread amongst the “contemporary acts” in their banter to talk about how this was such a teenage dream to be playing alongside the likes of Custard, the “Gurge” and Screamfeeder. It was almost like an episode of Recovery, which I really wish was still around because triple j tv, you’re just not in the same league.

Back to the music though because until we get that time travel sorted out there is only so much one can natter on about the past.

Custard – Girls Like That.

and some more 1998. Regurgitator – Polyester Girl

Quite possibly my favourite Custard song. Music is Crap. Oh gosh, let me tell you I had a smile that stretched from one ear to the other when they started this song.

Screamfeeder – Hi Cs

Regurgitator – the song formely known as

I strongly recommend checking out this collection of videos from the night. You too can indulge in some fine music that sums up an era in Brisbane music.

The crowd enjoying The Gurge
The Gurge and the crowd

The only way I think the night could have been any better would have been if Sekiden were playing as well.
Sekiden – Up in the Air

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