Macarons at last, a promise delivered.

A very dear friend and co-worker has her last day at work on Friday before jetting off to the other side of the world to join her fiancé. For months and months she has been pestering me to make macarons and for months and months I’ve been delaying. Well I made them on the weekend and took them to work on Monday. I met my deadline and I made macarons for the first time. I made two types. Pistachio with a chocolate butter cream filling and chocolate with a double chocolate filling (chocolate ganache and chocolate butter cream).

Pistachio Macarons
Can you spot the Figgjo Annemarie plate? I also put a little surprise in these with a spoonful of crushed pistachios in the centre. Also I only used pistachio meal in the shells instead of blend of almond and pistachio meal that I saw in some recipes.

The pistachio ones looked the most like commercial macarons, they had a better foot and the top was glossier but some of the tops were domed and cracked. My reading would indicate that this is because I may have over mixed the pistachio meal and sugar into the egg white mixture. The chocolate ones I believe I the eggwhite mixture was too stiff and thus they mixture wasn’t as quite as runny as it should be. This is all a big learning curve and most importantly I can say that they all tasted delicious.

Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate
Double Chocolate Macaron Stack
These of course are on a Figgjo Lotte plate 🙂 Some of these had a squirt of ganache in the centre and then butter cream round that or vice versa with butter cream in the centre. My favourite ones to look at though are the ones where I piped ganache on one side and butter cream on the other side.

I ended up with 60 odd macarons and they certainly didn’t last long at work.

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  1. Spotted both plates!

    Beautiful they are, and perfect servers for you macarons! Lucky you to have them. They are divine!

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