Helen goes to Morocco Day 2 – Airports & Casablanca

September 8, 2019. The day started early and like any travel that involves flying half way round the world through time zones was a looooong day.

We landed in Abu Dhabi just after midnight. I was quite delighted to see that the Lego camel was still there. The camel once again got to nibble on some Kate Spade Cup Cake like it did for #Helengoesnorth back in 2015/2016 ( a trip like many that never really made it on to the blog…)

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Helen Goes to Morocco Day 1 – Leaving Australia

1 year ago today, Mum, Aunty Margaret and I left to go Morocco for a trip that was to last about 5 weeks.

We were heading to Morocco with Take a Walk Adventures to literally take a walk round Morocco πŸ˜€ also with quite a bit of driving as well but the general gist of the trip was to walk and in varying ways we did walk and walk some more.

Morocco had been number 1 on my countries to visit for a very long time, since I mid-teens to be precise when I first read The Drifters by James Michener, where Marrakech features as the last destination in the novel. To finally get to travel to Morocco was something that I was very excited about but also a bit scared and anxious about, would Morocco in real life be like the Morocco had I had imaged over the last 17+ years? In a move to hopefully not be disappointed by Morocco and due to the nature of the trip, I purposely did very little research, I did not want to have oodles of photos in my mind taken by others of the places we were to visit, I did not want the stories and experiences of others to flavour the memories I hoped to build on this trip.

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