Signs to here, there and everywhere.

Uni started back last week, the painter has returned to the house and I’m trying to get back into the routine of work, study, play, eat, sleep again after the uni holidays!

A few signs from the road trip.

I came across North Star in an address at work a couple of months ago and when I looked on the map to see where it was I decided that I would be stopping in on the way to visit Mum. North Star, isn’t it just the delightful name for a town? I do think the town sign should say “Star of the Golden Triangle” instead of “Heart of the Golden Triangle”.

Welcome to North StarWelcome to North Star

If you’re on Facebook with me you may have seen this little ditty I penned about the Newell Highway. If you’re not, here it is.

Southward bound on the Newell,
Said goodbye to the Gore,
Cotton, the white jewell,
Covers the verge, it’s no bore.

South on the Newell

I love signs like this 🙂 I was sort of tempted to drive to Darwin but didn’t know I would make it there and back in the five days I had.

Which way from Goodniwindi?Which way from Goodniwindi?

This drive fatigue sign is part of a three part series. This one though about country drivers getting tired too made me giggle.

Those country drivers!

That is a few signs from the trip. I’ve got oodles of photos of buildings and op shop finds to post yet. Ornamental brickwork! Pressed tin ceilings! Gorgeous  Art Deco and Modernist shops, hotels, town halls and more.

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