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Well we are now at our third night in Tokyo and whoa what a city it is. People watching, shopping and walking has been done not so much “proper sightseeing” but that is coming.

We had rain through the night last night and woke up to it snowing this morning, it continued up until midday’ish. The snow melted pretty quickly but it was nice for that little while.

The shops, whoa. It as all about variety and then some more. In some way I like the limited ranges of things back home. For example you want a pair of nail clippers; back home you probably have about 5 or so to pick from in a shop, here we were in one big electronics store and I kid you not there would have been at least 70 different types!

Still we’ve been having a ball and tomorrow is the halfway mark πŸ™ :-).

Mum, the baking powder photo is for you, does it look familiar?

Cherry blossom season is getting quite close and the shops are filling with cherry blossom/sakura themes items (no Kit-Kats yet πŸ™ )but I have had the cherry blossom frappacino from Starbucks and mmm it is very nice, will try the lattes soon.

Tomorrow we are doing more of the sane from the last few days and going to karaoke tomorrow night with a bunch of people from the hostel.

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  1. I thought the baking powder tin was for you! Did you buy one? You are having a good time with the snow!!

    Love mum

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