The Wedding

Well I’m back in Brisbane for about 24hrs before jetting off to Japan tomorrow morning. The wedding was fantastic on the weekend. It was a wedding that very much fitted the bride and groom (my cousin Erica and her now husband Ash). The wedding weekend was at Coles Bay in the Freycinet National Park area of Tasmania. It was where Erica and Ash decided to get engaged a couple of months ago and a place where they’ve spent a lot of time.

3 pictures for now because everything else will have to wait till I get back from Japan.

Saying hello to Grandad after the ceremony
Erica and Ash

This photo just about sums up the wedding 100%. The beach, playing in the water, having a picnic and a wedding as well.
Erica and Ash

and the cake, mmmm flourless chocolate cake and a very very good one at that. With the mountains of Freycinet in the background
Erica and Ash

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  1. I endorse your mothers comment and look forward to seeing some more photos when you get them sorted. Oh and Japan as well!

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