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That’s our house (well I guess correctly my old house) on the left at round 9am this morning. 1 Park Ave, Auchenflower. The house is on the corner of Park Lane and Park Ave.

When we left last night with the last load it was just lapping the second step at the front and it was up to just below my breasts in the garage.

We did a mass move out/evacuation of the house yesterday afternoon/last night.

I’ve now moved in with Mum for the time whilst I find a new share house. We managed to get all my belongings out of the house with the help of some of Mums neigbours who came to help pack stuff up.

Thanks to other people further up Park Ave who gave us boxes, laundrary baskets and the like to pack things into as well as the guys off the street who helped move all the furniture out.

In 1974, the water was at the gutters of the house. Who knows where the water will hit in the next day.

I’ve really enjoyed the last two years I’ve spent living there with “the boys” and it was quite a sad way to move out all of a sudden like that.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of you, Helen, glad that you got all your stuff out okay. I used to live in Cadell St, have been wondering how my old neighbourhood is holding up.

  2. Oh Helen, I’m so sorry.

    At least you’re out and with your Mum.

    Who’d have thought this would ahve happened? I ditched any thoughts of making that rainbow cake.

    If you need anything, you can always email the MMMC’s.

  3. Helen, just terrible to see, stay safe and positive. We are meant to be heading up that way mid Feb, so we will be bringing items for donation to assist. Know that the rest of the country is thinking of you all. Wendy

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