Not Sundae today

It’s been an interesting last little while

The Kitchen, 179/365.
Dinner Time, 179/365

The Sails, 180/365
Sailing away, 180/265

This is it, 181/365
This is it, 181/365

Day 182 or My big trip to the Gympie area to check out Antique and Op shops.
The Lifeline Sunshine Coast sale at Gympie – the reason for the trip. I came away with a pair of jeans, a few tops, a cardi, a tunic and a few other bits and bobs.
All items $3.50

A canister set that I found adorable – they had one for oatmeal!!
Love this canister set

Isn’t the design on this wash set just so perfect?
Love this design

Fat Hen Creek, 182/365
I’m guessing the creek is full of super nutrients that produce fat chooks?
Fat Hen Creek, 182/365

Day 183, Lifeline bookfest and cocktails.
Fish Lane, I just love this for a street name, I wonder if at some stage there was a fish market here? Taken on the way back to the car from the bookfest.
Something Fishy

Sapphire Sunday at Libertine with Sam and Katherine.
A matter of what to say here. The cocktails were amazing, the food was quite good but the service was beyond belief.
Sapphire Sunday at Libertine

I do believe it’s Mango time, 183/365
I decided to walk home from The Barracks and stopped to smile at the squashed mangos on the road.
Mango, squashed, 183/365

Coro Drive, 17:48, 184/365
Coro Drive, Traffic, 184/365

A fold a day, 185/365
I’ve had this calendar on my Amazon wishlist for a while, imagine my delight when I found it amongst the $5 2010 calendars and diaries at Borders???
A fold away keeps the doctor away, 185/365

Supersize Loftkökur, 186/365
Supersize Loftkökur, 186/365

Contrails, 187/365
I was on the way to work and looked up and saw this :D, can you see the birdies in the bottom right of the frame?
Contrails, 187/365

Today is Friday! Yippea! We are celebrating Grandad’s 90th! Birthday tomorrow. It will be quite a bash, with lots of extended family coming. 😀

Have you seen this? – Love Project. I love it 😀

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