Old Spice, your number is up

Good-Bye Old Spice
Old Spice

When I moved out of home, I used these old jars to store my spices in. They were free, they matched and it worked.

Hello New Spice
New Spice, 178/365

Before Christmas I came across an auction on ebay for these pretty spice canisters. The auction was only for the green canisters but the lady added the blue ones as a treat. I quite like the green ones but I adore the blue ones!

The blue ones do contain what is named on the outside. The green ones though? Only the oregano one contains oregano. The garni one contains garam masala, the sage one has turmeric in, the rosemary one has cumin in etc. An additional upside is that they fit better in my spice box as well.

Other topics
I am having a great time discovering the 100 things we didn’t know last year over on the BBC site. I especially like #85, #63, #39 and #48. #48 was drawn on LSED today as well!

I would love a pair of these tights, I’m thinking the vein/artery ones, though I do adore just about all of them. So Quirky! A lovely change from the standard patterned tights.

I’m 24 and you think by now that I would have learnt that if you put hot water in a container, put the lid on and shake. The odds are very much stacked against you if you think the lid would stay on… The most recent demonstration of this phenomenon was on Monday morning, I was washing out my yoghurt container. Let me just say hot youghurty water all over the kitchen at work and all over my black dress…. Yeah great way to start the week Helen!

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  1. Funky spice containers – you will probably have them for a longtime. I know I still have the ones given to me when I first set up home. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, Helen. I always love finding a Brisbane blog.

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