Another night in the kitchen

making brittle
I had a second go at making brittle tonight and it was much more successful than the first as I didn’t get the temperature hot enough on the first batch. This time though I reached and maintained crack and now I have a tray each of hazelnut brittle and pistachio brittle. So Good!

Making Loftkökurs :D, 152/365

I was extremely lucky that Karl managed to find me a biscuit extruder piece in Iceland so I was able to make Loftkökur myself on my mixer in my house. Otherwise I would have had to have used Mum’s mixer and her attachment. When it arrived though, the extruder piece did not fit through the opening on the mincer. I was lucky that my cousin was able to take it in to the shed and shave off some of the plastic and now it fits. I made about five trays of Loftkökur tonight and I had forgotten all about the hit of ammonia you get when you open the oven door for the first time. Youch!

I also rolled about a third of a batch of the the apricot/sunshine balls but after rolling three batches of rum balls yesterday my poor hands couldn’t cope!

On a side note I’m not at all happy with QR at the moment. Last night they pressure cleaned that station (It does look a whole lot cleaner now) but oh the noise!!! It was so bad that closing all the doors and windows only made a minor difference. It got to a point where I ended up taking a Mersyndol to dull the headache it was giving me and to put me to sleep as I had tried for about two hours to go to sleep. Normally when QR is doing track or station work we get a leaflet in the letterbox advising of us such. We didn’t get a leaflet for last night, which makes me really unimpressed. Let me tell you that I’m ringing QR tomorrow to have a wee chat!

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