Good Food and Wine Show

Today I went to the show and oh what a day it was.

Number 1. Ben O’Donoghue has moved to Brisbane and will be opening a restaurant sometime next year, currently looking for a location. Let me repeat that. Ben O’Donoghue now lives in Brisbane (though he is south sider ….) and will be opening his own place next year. Helen excited much?

Number 2. Matt Moran will open his new restaurant at Eagle St Pier in the Pier 9 space next March. Note to self, could be very very good.

Number 3. Helen somehow managed to win not one but two give aways at the cooking theatre. I won a I.O. Shen 21cm Cooks knife in the Alister Mcleod session and then I won a bottle of heavenly Kailis Extra Virgin Olive Oil during the Ben O’Donoghue session.

Number 4. Dairy, Chocolate and other dry groceries are the things that ended up in my bag. I was also so impressed with the Kailis EVOO that after some serious tasting I picked up a bottle of their Dolce oil which is infused with Blood Oranges – so so yummy, I could just about inhale that stuff.

Number 5. I picked up some PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur. Quite tasty

Number 6. I now have a pair of Crocs – Black Prima ballet shoes. I was looking at the strappy sandals but then I tried on the Primas and I can see them getting a work out at Woodford this year.

Number 7. I ran into a handful of people I know which was great.

Number 8. Tasted lots of yummy things, some not so yummy things, would have liked to have tasted a whole lot more but I still don’t have that whole biting/chewing hard things going with the braces yet.

Number 9. I wished that Karl was already here so he could have come and tasted the various beers/wines and picked the good ones.

Number 10. I did enjoy the show more last year – there were a few producers missing this year which was a bummer – no Zone Fresh stand, no Gympie Goats Cheese, no Curtis Stone….

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