Photos with a little girl

I spent a little time this arvo taking some photos of Madi, who is the daughter of Amanda, one of the girls I work with. From day 1 at work, outside of the Medical girls, Amanda has probably been one of the people I have had the most to do with. So the other week I got a call from Ms Manda asking me if I could take some photos of Madi, I just couldn’t say no could I? We spent a little time taking photos by the pool before Madi decided she would much rather be in the pool. A change of clothes later and little drive down the road we arrived a gorgeous little tract of parkland that I had eyed off on they way over for a few photos, a little searching for lady beetles and a photo or two more.

Madi Madi in the pool Madi Madi Madi

And a last one to share, Mama and Bubba together.
Mama and Bubba

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