Hippeastrum memories

Hippeastrum (by HelenPalsson)

I took this photo of Hippeastrums in the back yard at Mum’s the other week and came across it just then whilst going through some photos. Hippeastrums are probably the flower that reminds me the most of Grandmum. I wouldn’t say I have memories of Grandmum holding a bunch of Hippeastrums but for quite a few years the flower beds at The Farm have always had Hippeastrums in them. In fact these Hippeastrums were split from a Hippeastrum clump at The Farm. Grandmum died just over five years ago and in some ways I miss her more now than I did before as there all these things I want to share with her and show her. I would love to know what she would have said about the dress of hers that I wear fairly regularly or what she thinks about something. In saying that though, I also can’t imagine how the last five years would have been if Grandmum was here.

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