Fireworks, music and photos

One of my favourite pieces of work to play either on Flute or Bassoon at high school was Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks and Water Musicso imagine my delight when I saw an ad in the paper on the weekend saying that the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra was about to start touring this piece! I booked my ticket this morning and thanked my mother for qualifying for the under 30 price πŸ˜€ The tour includes Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, details here.

On the topic of fireworks, this past Saturday night was Riverfire, the night that Brisbane puts on a firework show just because we are Brisbane and we have a mighty cool river. This year unlike previous years, I watched Riverfire from the hill that I live on.

I loved how they had coordinated the fireworks so well together. There was some song about two hearts and they had the heart shaped fireworks πŸ˜€
Riverfire 2008, fireworks from Wooloowin

sigh fireworks.
Riverfire 2008, fireworks from Wooloowin

The second dump and burn to mark the end of the show.
Dump and Burn 2008

This is the view from my hill and the about a third of the crowd (the rest were behind me)
The view from my hill

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