Happiness is a Breeders Show

Tonight, was a night I have waited a many number of years for, by my count, I have waited almost fifteen years for this night. Tonight, The Breeders played The Zoo and oh my jeans what a great night it was.

When the first came on stage I started to weep, when they played Safari I just about died, actually if Tanya Donelly had walked out on stage I probably would have. At the end of the night I had the biggest smile on my face.

What was fantastic though was that they were all just so excited to be there. They chatted to the audience, they showed that fine sisterly affection to each other and constantly made each other and all of us laugh. At the end Kelley walked back on stage with a paperback and gave it to a lady standing beside me as she reminded Kelley of an old room mate and it was taking up space in her bag! how cool was that?

I just dude, The Breeders were just there and I was there and man oh man I saw The Breeders!!!! To say slightly overjoyed would be an understatement. I have looked forward to this night for soo many years now and I was so afraid that they would not meet the expectation I had built in my head but I am so so so so happy to say they exceeded all my expectations.

The Breeders (by HelenPalsson)

Lots more photos and words to come

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  1. they even played safari for you! how awesome! They were just as great when I go to see them, just having a crapload of fun together on stage.

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