6 past 6

It is now 6 past 6 on Christmas Eve. Mum is in the kitchen preparing dinner.
The tree is now decorated and the presents are under the tree.
I am sitting here listening to a mix of Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy. Pabbi has not yet broken out the Mahalia Jackson, possibly because the record player is downstairs connected to his computer. I have actually just added some Mahalia into my playlist.

We talked to Karl for a while this afternoon which was really nice. Yay for Skype! I have had a headset for a while now but the mic port on my old computer didn’t work. It certainly works on the new computer. We have now talked to Karl twice in the past couple of days. It is almost like he is living down south which is why he doesn’t come over for tea or home for Christmas instead of up north.

It would be nice to have Christmas in Iceland one year though (Mum, Pabbi. hint, hint). Next year looks like it could be a very nice Christmas though as one of my brothers and his family are planning to have an Australian Christmas.

I have been going through my photos from a concert the other night, which at this rate will probably be up some time after Christmas.

I am about to go set the table and then it is the waiting game till it gets dark enough to light the candles and eat dinner (another reason why daylight savings is bad for Queensland, I don’t want to have to wait till 8pm on Christmas Eve to have dinner).

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