Melbourne at 12mm

or close enough. One of the fun times I had in Melbourne was with the 12-24mm on my new baby (The 5d was only 2 days old when I took it to Melbourne) lapping up the full frame goodness of been able to get shots like this of a cyclist in Fitzroy.

Turning off Johnston St, Fitzroy

Or this one of St Paul’s
St Pauls from Swanston & Flinders @ 12mm

Some others, click for bigger photos as always
Phat Wheels @ 12mm Getting off on Elizabeth St texting & walking at 13mm Waiting on the Mall Swanston St at 12mm Long legs on Swanston St Pedestrians and St Pauls @ 12mm Getting off the tram at 12mm Melbourne from the hip at 12mm Cyclist on Flinders St, at 12mm the end of the day at 17mm The GPO @ 12mm Waiting on Burke St Waiting for the tram at 17mm the daily grind at 13mm Famous at 12mm Smith St, Fitzroy at 12mm

I love this lens way more than I loved it on the 350d and the 5D, I love it so so so much; noise at high iso is extremely limited, it has a much wider dynamic range than the 350d, which I love as it means that I rarely have blown out skies as you can see from the photos above. I just love it.

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  1. do you shoot raw and bring the sky back or jpeg and the blowouts just don’t happen because of the higher dynamic range?

    the wide angle is quite cool though.. i might be rethinking my earlier thoughts about the 5D. πŸ™‚

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