Riverfire life

Some photos which are not fireworks from Riverfire on the weekend.
We had it all planned out. You know what they say about the best laid plans though. We ended up with Georgie, Mum and I at Cpt Burke Park on one side of the river for the fireworks and Georgie’s parents and boyfriend on the other side of the river as they missed the last ferry across the river. They also had the bubbly that we had been looking forward to, as well as the sushi and quiches that we made that noon. We ended up meeting back at Georgie’s house where we had a supper of the goodies that we didn’t get to eat at Riverfire and we got to drink the bubbly.

The crowd and their camp chairs
The camp chair crowd at Cpt Burke Park

The light trails are from some Army helicopters that did a flyover.
Riverside, The Bridge and the helicopters

The Bridge awaits
Story Bridge

The City
Towards the city

Channel 7 well and truely had their mark on the event this year, these signs were every 10m or so along the riverfront.

Georgie by me
Georgie at 12mm

Me by Georgie
Helen by Georgie

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