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3/4 (Mum, Leslie and I) of our party arrived home in Brisbane today after spending 10 days and 2813km on the road. We went as far north as Mackay and as far west as Dysart. We didn’t end up walking the complete Mackay Highlands Great Walk due to the rain not playing nice. We got did the first two days of the walk as day walks and then headed into Hazelwood Gorge for a 2 day walk before heading to Blackdown Tableland for another 3 days. We have seen a huge number of birds and animals as well as walking through countless different types of vegetation from rainforest to cattle country and everything in between. Many of the photos I have do not do any justice to the scale of the countryside, we are talking about vistas that literally leave you awestruck as you stand on the edge of a cliff 600m odd above sea level and look not only down the cliff face but out 100’s of km to the horizon.

The forth person of our party (CDM) departed us at Dysart to go camping at Carnarvon with her family so was not with us at Blackdown Tableland. This photo of Mum and I returning to the cars from Hazelwood Gorge was taken by CDM.

Mum and I

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  1. great to see you both back safe and sound – what a lovely trip you had together.

    love those automated posts, helen – you are way too cool.

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