Babylon Burning

My Mountain Goats love is well known and they are probably the band that I promote the most to my friends and randoms in the street. The Mountain Goats are my 24hr a day band, a song for every mood.

I was reading Aquarium Drunkard the other day and saw this post – Under the Covers – Babylon Burning, my heart started to thump faster as I read the post and then when I clicked on the links and listened to the music, I had chills running down my back like I have never had before from a song and it was not just from the title track but the other 3 songs from the session as well. Talk about raw JD!

These four songs were recorded in a Daytrotter session at SWSX and the description of the session just makes me smile.

He performed most of the set sitting cross-legged on the cement floor of the Big Orange studio. Daytrotter

It is very well worth heading over to Daytrotter to read JD’s track notes as well as get/listen to the other three songs and to look at the super cute artwork of JD

Here is Babylon Burning, originally by Peter Tosh(he died on my 2nd birthday). I have had this song running through my head non-stop for the last 24hrs.
[audio:The Mountain Goats – Babylon Burning.mp3]

Note – this is an automated posting. Helen is out bush until July 2ish.

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  1. hey – you posted on a friend of mine’s blog a long, long time ago about this song. i’ve been meaning to track it down but haven’t found it anywhere. i could listen to this all day. any chance i could get a copy of it?


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