On the Street

On the Street

A determined boy on a scooter, a younger brother moving as fast as he can, a mother watching her two boys with pride and a wee bit of concern.

On Friday, Leanne and I made a trip to a scrapbooking shop that was having 30% off to celebrate their second birthday. I came home with a nice little stack of Bazzill and some lettering. After a play in the playground at Maccas, it was home time for little boys to nap and for Helen to go home and have her own nap before going to work that night. Just as we arrived back at the house, Ethan begged to show me his scooter skills and the speed at which he can ride his scooter. Luckily they live on a pretty quiet street which meant that Ethan was able to race up and down the street, whilst I rolled round on the bitumen having a ball taking photos. Joshua was more than happy to to race up and down the street following Ethan as fast as his hands and knees can take him. Leanne got to act as mother and shepard Joshua from not racing too far away πŸ™‚

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  1. Ethan is still talking about how much fun he had with you. I just wish I captured you getting stuck in the McDonald’s spiral tunnel – hehe.

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